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ByDesign TV, 2022 April 30

New York ByDesign Architecture - Season 1 Episode 1

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.29.40 PM.png

Andrew Wilkinson's segment starts running from 8:26 to 12:30.

Designers Today, 2021 November/December

Inspiration Historical Renos - Modern Yet Mindful

Copy of 19.050.005A.jpg

"A young client wanting to live in the historic neighborhood of Gravesend in Brooklyn looked to architect Andrew Wilkinson to create a home that fit in with the traditional homes of the area, such as Colonials and French Revivals, but be modern as well."

Trendsideas, 2021 February 14

Lively Interior Matched Only by Its Hip Roof


"A ground-up home constructed in the Gravesend neighbourhood of Brooklyn, this 446m2 single-family residence’s shape and volume were generated by the governing zoning requirements where a hip roof, a form that prevails throughout the neighbourhood, results in the optimum buildable envelope.

Situated on a double lot, the family chose to preserve most of the second lot as outdoor space – a true luxury in Brooklyn. This allocation of open space allowed for a floor plan that emphasized fluid visual and spatial connections between interior and exterior."

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 9.50.23 AM.png

"Building anew in an established neighborhood is often an exercise in accommodation. And between zoning restrictions and community concerns, architects frequently get their wings clipped. But grasping the lay of the land and knowing how to negotiate it allows savvy professionals to create buildings that satisfy both the client and the folks next door. Case in point: this contemporary yet street-friendly home in the historic Brooklyn Gravesend district, designed by New York’s Andrew Wilkinson."

NBC's Open House TV, 2020 November 11

A Brooklyn Home Designed to Mimic a Boutique Hotel


"We're in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn for a look at a unique, modern home designed by Architect Andrew Wilkinson. Andrew's clients wanted their place to feel like a sleek boutique hotel for that "every day is a holiday" vibe. Andrew kept it warm and welcoming with memorable accents throughout - on the floors, the walls, and in ultra-stylish and comfortable furnishings."

Aspire Design and Home, 2020 Autumn

A Reverent Consideration For An Individual House In Brooklyn

2020.Autumn 2020_Aspire_copy.jpg

"Building anew in an established neighborhood is often an exercise in accommodation. And between zoning restrictions and community concerns, architects frequently get their wings clipped. But grasping the lay of the land and knowing how to negotiate it allows savvy professionals to create buildings that satisfy both the client and the folks next door. Case in point: This street friendly residence in Brooklyn"s historic gravesend district, design by New York's Andrew Wilkinson."

Elle Decor Italy, 2020 Spring

A New York Penthouse Surrounds A Stunning Staircase

East 74 Penthouse_18

"This is the story of a restoration revolving around a staircase. Sculptural and taut, each step sits at the center of East74, an elegant penthouse on two floors in Manhattan’s Upper East Side vaunting dreamy views of the city. But before the renovation curated by architect Andrew Wilkinson, the apartment had little to offer besides its view. An outdated ‘80s flair only added to the uncomfortable and awkward layout of space, with a bathroom facing the kitchen and a magnificent terrace accessed exclusively from the bedroom."

Aspire Design and Home, 2019 - 2020 Winter

Flights of Fancy

STAIRCASES_ASPIRE.winter_Page_1 copy.jpg

"Location of Project: Upper east Side, NYC


Style: The apartment has a modern, Asian influence throughout the design.

Materials: Brass plated steel and walnut treads. Overall new construction project.

Favorite Element: I love how transparent it is, how light shines through and upon it, as well as how it becomes the focal point of the main living level."

NBC's Open House TV, 2019 November 05

An Elegant Retreat on the Upper East Side

Open House NYC_Andrew Wilkinson Architects

"We're on the Upper East Side with architect Andrew Wilkinson. Andrew was tasked with updating his clients abode from a standard developer unit into a unique space perfect for entertaining. He completely opened up the space while utilizing a mix of natural materials - including concrete, walnut and marble. The result is an understated and elegant retreat that's as perfect for entertaining inside and out as it is for getting away from it all."

150 E 58, 2019 Autumn

A New Geometry (Page 64)


Architect Andrew Wilkinson transformed a tired upper east duplex into a light-filled aerie with a sculptural staircase as the centerpiece.


"I don't walk into a space and have certain expectations," says architect Andrew Wilkinson. "You have a lot of things you can respond to. Design is a series of opportunities." That's probably a good perspective on any project, but it was especially useful for this Upper East Side, 28th-floor duplex penthouse, which was filled with a wealth of "opportunities. "

Trends, Volume 35 No 4(N), 2019 September

Beneath the surface

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Trends

"When you walk into a space that's undergone substantial renovation your immediate response is most likely going to be a visual one - how good it looks. But what may not be immediately obvious is the major work that often goes on behind the scenes to resolve planning and circulation problems in the original design.

And the duplex penthouse apartment featured here certainly had its share of problems when the current owners bought it. As well as its very dated 1980s look, the apartment had a 'tortuous' layout plan, according to architect Andrew Wilkinson."

NJHome, 2019 Summer

Outside's in

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_NJHome

"Rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy, a family's cherished cabana blurs the boundaries between indoors and out - and between quirky and classic."

Aspire Design and Home, 2019 March 15

Ocean Place Renewal

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Aspire: Design and Home

"In the beginning Ocean Place, built in the 1970’s in Deal, New Jersey was a beach club open to the community. Then Hurricane Sandy destroyed the building, leaving it a virtual hulk.

A New York family saw potential in using the existing footprint and embellishing it as a private summer recreational spot for themselves and their friends. Now three or four generations of the family gather at Ocean Place each summer.

New York architect, Andrew Wilkinson, was hired to bring Ocean Place not only back to its roots but to create a whole new architectural statement. Walls were first reinforced and then opened with sliding panels. Wilkinson added trellises that further expanded the space. The trellises were then overlaid with translucent paneling to protect the spaces below from rail.

There are no bedrooms since each family has a home nearby. But a spacious service kitchen and bathrooms were constructed.

Andrew Wilkinson and his team custom-designed critical furnishings including a sumptuous dining table…… custom millwork throughout."

Aspire Home and Design, 2018 Autumn


Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Aspire: Design and Home

"Descriptive terms typically used by architects - sectional, modular and proportional - work equally well to define designer sofas in a spectrum of textures, profiles and configurations. Detailed with elements like industrial bases, lounge-worthy dimensions and clever built-in bookcases, "customizable" is the buzz word of the moment. Whether it's invitingly plush in a classic three-seat design or whimsically modern using sculptural lines, each one is a coveted invitation to be seated.

Andrew Wilkinson Architects is an architectural and design practice focused on new construction and renovations for commercial, retail and residential properties. All projects share the common endeavor of a strong commitment to understanding the needs and requirements of the client while reaching creative solutions."

2018 July

Interior Design

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Interior Design

"The client request: a multiuse pool pavilion with a small footprint that provides shade from East Hampton's summer sun. Andrew Wilkinson Architects responded with an 80-square-foot structure offering not only a slatted canopy for respite from the rays but also a white cedar-lined restroom and changing room and an outdoor shower. "It really reflects the warmth of the house," Andrew Wilkinson says, referencing the pavilion's stained cedar siding, which coordinates with the residence's shingles."

Home Trends 3403, 2018

Kitchen Designed to Integrate Seamlessly into Apartment Interior

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Trends

"With an integrated kitchen, appliances such as the fridge and dishwasher are fitted with cabinetry panels rather than their own doors, so allowing the kitchen to have a more furniture-like look rather than a purely functional one.

But in these days of open-plan design, there’s another way of looking at the term ‘integrated’ – the way the kitchen fits into the whole interior rather than making its mark as a separate element."

Booq Publishing SL, 2017

Small Home Gardens

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Small Home Gardens

"This Book, using a selection of garden projects for houses across the world, shows that no matter how small the space, it is always possible to include a green area in our homes. It also offers a series of useful ideas and pieces of advice for planning a garden, creating a range of possible outdoor areas: terraces, courtyards, rooftops and shows how to make these spaces unique very special places to relax and enjoy nature."

Projects highlighted: SoHo Terrace, Flatiron Terrace, 2016

The 5 Best Bars We Drank at This Year

"When we grow up, we want to be like Kenta Goto. He’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, he’s one of the country’s best bartenders, and he just opened our favorite bar of the year. If you’ve never been to Tokyo and wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to the bars, Bar Goto is a perfect introduction. The hospitality is honest, the lighting makes everyone look good, and the drinks (we always order the yuzu-calpico fizz) are simple and made with exacting technique. If that wasn’t enough, the bar food—the must-order fresh celery with sesame oil and five types of okonomiyaki—is transporting as well. When we have people we really, really like visiting us in New York, this is where we take them. Let’s keep it on the DL."

Architectural Digest, 2016

Most Stylish Bars in New York City

Architecture Digest.png

Bar Goto: "This recently opened Lower East Side spot is helmed by former Pegu Club barman Kenta Goto and features a menu inspired by Japanese cruisine. The intimate space, designed by Wilkinson Architects, is simple and refined, with dark floors, walls, and ceilings and warm wood bar lit at night with a golden glow."

Hi-Design Publishing, 2014

World Landscape Case Studies: Roof Garden Landscape

"This roof terrace project is located atop a five-storey pre-war building in lower Manhattan. The clients, a young family, wanted to develop 186 square meters of roof directly above their full floor loft to accommodate several uses: an area for children to play, an open loounging space, a more formal sitting area with a kitchen and dining spaces, and lastly a more private space adjacent to a guest room and home office."

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Roof Garden Landscape

Craig Kellogg, 2013

Interior Design: Number 11

Andrew Wilkinson Architects_Interior Design

"A film still of The Karate Kid's Mr. Miyagi-"wax on, wax off"- presides over the microscopic Japanese-inflected Chez Sardine by Andrew Wilkinson Architects.  As project architect, Robert Glass was asked to fit a walk-in refrigerator into the 600-square-foot West Village space.  "No way," he said.  But the chef declared he didn't mind if it was like a phone booth. And it is."

Design Bureau, 2012

Architecture: The People, Places, and Ideas Driving Contemporary Design

"Architecture is just a crystallized moment in time that people occupy in different ways." - "Over the past year, Design Bureau has reviewed thousands of projects.  They have run the gamut in terms of shape, size, and scope, but they all share one common principle: smart design underpins their overall intent.  These 100 represent the best of the best."

Interoir Design, Chez Sardine, Gabrial Stulman

Roger Williams University, 2011

Roger Williams University Exhibition

Interoir Design, Chez Sardine, Gabrial Stulman

Roger Williams University's SAAHP (School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation) promotes a series of public events, exhibitions and lectures bringing together the public, alumni and school to address issues and works of noted people in the arts, architecture and historic preservation.  In 2011, Andrew Wilkinson Architects was asked to exhibit their work to foster discussion and to be available for reflection for the School, University and community.

Charles de Vaivre, 2011

New York Rooftop Gardens

ISBN 3832794719

"High above the bustling streets of New York City, there's a whole other world--a universe filled with calm and natural beauty. We're talking of course about New York's legendary rooftop gardens. Like their predecessors in Babylon, these urban oases truly are one of the world's great wonders. Set amid the concrete canyons, these horticultural hideaways offer respite from New York's relentless pace. High above the city that never sleeps, these serene spaces offer a chance to laze, potter and nap. The gardens' plants, furnishing, and the landscape engineering that makes them possible are sure to inspire awe. Set against dramatic cityscapes, these are some of the most fascinating green spaces on the planet."

Curbed, February 17, 2011

SoHo Rooftop Renovation is Ready for Spring

"The space was designed to offer a sense of comfortable containment within the openness of New York City’s urban setting. Elements of the terrace deck and structure can be disassembled to service and maintain the roof below. With several existing site irregularities, the program requirements were coalesced into an environment of respite with expressive, artful materials and constructions."

Apartment Therapy, February 17

Before & After: SoHo Rooftop Renovation

"The owners’ craved a private yet open rooftop terrace with versatility — a space to accommodate their active social life, an open lounge style sitting area, a formal dining space with a kitchen as well as a play area for their small children. Wilkinson Architects capitalized on the abundant space with a stunning view of the new World Trade Center site."

Curbed, January 31, 2011

How Two West Village Penthouses Became One

"After the acquisition of an adjacent duplex penthouse, the owners’ approached Wilkinson Architects principal designer Andrew Wilkinson for their second project: to convert their two separate traditional pre-war Manhattan apartments into a spacious yet intimate home. The initial feel of the apartment felt awkward, dark and divided with no defined style, quite the opposite of what their current space offered."

Apartment Therapy, January 31, 2011

Combined Apartment

"In an effort to create an entirely new space, the architect made an early decision to combine the two units seamlessly into one spacious and inviting space. The owners preferred simplicity, the architect created exceptionally subtle manipulations of form and space, relying on shifts in light and shadows. To achieve architectural simplicity is no easy task. Supported by an enclosed steel framework, the architect created a large cantilevered raw steel and maple storage unit demising the office from the living space. The raw steel surface disguises the storage of LCD, audio visual equipment and an elevated fireplace into a clean reflective surface."

Curbed, January 13, 2011

Spectacular Suburban Reno Trades Cornices for Sapele Wood

"Today Curbed sits down with Andrew Wilkinson, principal of his eponymous NYC-based architecture firm, to chat about his renovation of a midcentury-inspired house "that had suffered some awful decorating touches over the years," he explains, adding, "Our job was more editing and stripping out." Two words, Andrew: those floors!"

Metropolitan Home, October, 2008

Smart and Small

Linda O'Keeffee

A diminutive cookie-cutter duplex in Greenwhich Village gets a larger lease on life.

Marcos Nastaras, 2003

Studio and Lofts: One Room Living

"In recent years it has become increasingly common to use very small uni-spatial apartments as living or working spaces. This kind of abode-also called the studio apartment-constitutes a great challenge for architects, designers and decorators in order to adapt and maximize the limited space to the user's requirements.

Studio Apartments provides the reader with an ample guided tour of different types of studio apartments, all of recent construction. Focusing on the visual impression of the apartments, the book is an ample source of ideas and inspiration that readers can easily put into practice.

The book shows to what limits imagination and creativity can be used to make the most of a limited amount of space in terms of functionality, comfort and attractiveness. All of the architectural projects included are less than 550 sq. feet."

New York Times, Antoinette Martin, Janurary 12, 2003

In the Region / New Jersey; Prosaic Buildings Are Honored for Inventive Design

The New York City architect, Andrew Wilkinson won a silver award for work on the Jaron's Furniture showroom in Willingboro.

American Institute of Architects, New Jersey Charpter, 2002

Silver Award for Excellence in Architecture

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